July, 13, 2020.

Today, Oregon Governor Brown issued a mandate regarding outdoor face coverings.  The mandate states:

Face coverings will be required outdoors when people cannot maintain a 6-foot distance from people outside of their households.

As a result, the WVMBL has drafted and adopted the following protocol for the remainder of the season:

  1. All players & coaches are required to bring a face covering/mask and it must be worn when not participating on the field of play.  Players & coaches should wear a mask upon entering the facility and keep it on until game-time.
  2. Spectators entering the facility should wear a mask and maintain 6-foot social distancing measures.  The WVMBL would prefer spectators wear their face/coverings continuously while at the field.

Here is the link to the mandate:  Face Coverings

Although the mandate is effective July 15th, the above requirements will be effective immediately.  We all want to continue the season and ask all managers do their part to monitor compliance.  Any further questions should be directed to the respective division commissioners.

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