WVMBL Rules and Regulations

The WVMBL adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the MSBL/MABL national office and amendments made for WVMBL League play.  All players are required to abide by the rules set forth below.  Managers should especially familiarize themselves with the rules.  Note that the National rules change from time-to-time, and may not exactly match what is in your MSBL scorebook.  Other game-play rules not specified in the MSBL rules or amendments below will come from high school rules.  Please contact the WVMBL president for a high school rule book or where to find one.

MSBL/MABL National Rules and Regulations

Amendments for WVMBL League play:

1.b  Base coaches are not required to wear helmets.

1.d  All WVMBL divisions are wood bat exclusive.  Only wood bats and composite wood bats will be allowed.  Metal bats are prohibited.

2.a  If a double-header is scheduled, both games will be 7 innings.  If a game is halted due to darkness or weather, five innings must have been played for the game to be considered complete.  If five innings have not been played, the game may be rescheduled at the leagues' discretion.

2.b  For seven inning games, if there is a 10-run discrepancy at the end of 5 innings, the game is over.  For nine inning games, if there is a 10-run discrepancy at the end of 7 innings, the game is over.  There are no time restrictions unless set forth prior to the game.  If a game has reached 2.5 hours of play and there is a 15-run discrepancy, the game will be over.

2.c  Ties in standings will be broken by:

  1. Winning percentage
  2. Head to head record
  3. Total Runs Scored
  4. Coin Flip

2.d  If possible, rainouts should be decided two hours prior to game time in order to avoid umpire charges.

3.a  A player is eligible to participate in the 18+ league upon turning 18 years old.  Players must be at least 30 years old in the calendar year to be eligible for play in the 30+ division.  Players must be at least 40 years old in the calendar year to be eligible for play in the 40+ division.  Any exceptions must be approved by the WVMBL Board of Directors.

3.i  In the case of an injury, the injured player's place in the batting lineup can be skipped without penalty.

4.a  Alcohol at the field is grounds for expulsion from the league.

4.c  A manager will be ejected along with his player if the ejection takes place after the player/manager is warned. A quick ejection on spot of a player will not cause a manager to be ejected. Ejected players/managers will not be eligible for the second game of a doubleheader if the ejection happens in the first game. All ejections will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee.  Ejected players/managers must vacate the premises in an expedient fashion.

5.a  A catcher on base may request a courtesy runner if there are two outs in the inning.  This will not count towards the maximum number of courtesy runners allowed for the game.  All other courtesy runner rules as specified in the MSBL National rules will be enforced.

6.b  One intentional walk per game can be requested by the pitching team and pitches need not be thrown.

6.d  A third-to-first pick-off play is illegal and will result in a balk.

6.e  Balks are a dead ball.


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