May 24 Update

The 17+ division is now the 16+ division.  Players that are 16 years of age are now eligible to play this season.  You must be 16 before you can play.


Marion County’s  “phase 1” reopening begins May 22nd.  30+ and 40+ team registration will be opening soon.   Managers will be contacted by the league with team registration information.  If you have a team to play with in 2020, you will receive player registration information from your manager.

Players 17 and older (this includes 16 year olds that will turn 17 in 2020) should register using the 17+ registration link at the bottom of the homepage.  We are in the process of gauging interest for the season.  The registration form includes a field for entering team information if you have a team you plan to play with.  Players under 18 must have their parent/guardian complete the registration.  Fees will be based on number of teams/registrants and season length.  The 17+ division may be divided into sub-divisions depending on interest.

The status of the annual league workout is still unclear.  18+, 30+ and 40+ players in the New Player Pool will be contacted by the league as team registration gets underway.

At this time, it is hoped that games can begin as early as June 15th.  Of course, this is subject to change.


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