May 15 Update

Marion County has been denied “phase 1” reopening.  Registration will be postponed until “phase 1” reopening has been granted for Marion County.  Stay tuned for further updates.


May 7 Update

An update to our season: Today, Governor Brown released details to the ongoing state mandated restrictions. On May 15th, Phase 1 will begin (subject to change). Details of Phase 1 restricts large gatherings over 25. Gathering sizes will be limited to 25 in counties with approved reopening plans.

Phase 1 will be 3 weeks before Phase 2 will be incorporated. Although it is not clear, Phase 2 gatherings would likely be increased to 50.  This will also be based on county implementation/approval. Large spectator sporting events will be restricted until September.  Examples would be college football, etc

What does this mean to the WVMBL. According to the plan relating to outside recreation activities, once Phase 2 is in place, our league can start our season.  There will be several factors to consider however, such as county restrictions, field access, and umpire availability.  Nonetheless, the league intends to get started.

The WVMBL season could start as soon as June 8th. The Cascade Collegiate League is planning to start June 19th.

In preparation of a June 8th season opening, starting Friday, May 15th, team and player registration will begin. This is to get a handle of how many teams and players will be participating in each division.  Teamsnap will be the portal used for registration, similar to last season.

Managers, a team deposit may be required.  You will be notified once a few more questions answered.  Appreciate your patience on this matter.

Field Availability is going to be a discussion topic.  For the 30+ and 40+ Divisions, be prepared to play your games Monday-Friday — we need to be flexible.

If your area/county has been granted phase 1, you could practice with 25 or fewer participants, but will be not be a WVMBL sponsored activity.

PLAYER REGISTRATION: In relation to our ongoing pandemic, all players will need to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. These guidelines will be “spelled out” but if you or any direct contact has had COVID-19, this should be communicated to your manager, and the league. This will not be flexible as the WVMBL must comply with state and public health guidelines.

More to follow, but it is time to start thinking baseball.

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